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A family run care company, established in 2005, providing quality home care services to people living across Carlisle, Brampton and surrounding areas.

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We are a family run care company, established in 2005, that provides quality home care services to people living across Carlisle, Brampton and the surrounding areas. We enable our clients to access the expert care they need, whilst continuing to live in the homes that they know and love.

Our experienced carers provide expert support for a broad range of clients. We work heavily with older people, providing both traditional domiciliary care and more intensive live in care. We also provide support for adults with specialised care needs including physical or learning disabilities, as well as other specialised services such as dementia and end of life care. In addition, we offer a quality reablement service to help people adapt to life at home after a period of serious illness or injury.

We also provide respite care for carers who provide care and support for their loved ones. This provides vital emotional, practical and psychological support to carers by way of respite services in the home. We recognise this is an essential support for those involved in caring for their loved ones even if only to allow a few hours a week from the pressures of full time caring.

All Seasons Home Care employs over 30 carers, all of whom work hard to ensure that our many clients receive the very highest standard of care. A commitment to quality, transparency and integrity governs all of our operations, which inspires the trust of our clients as well as Cumbria’s local authorities and NHS commissioners.

Our Management team is both diverse and highly experienced and their passion for working in the sector has helped to establish All Seasons Home Care as one of the largest yet most respected care organisations in Cumbria.

Whether you are looking for care for you or a family member, or just enquiring about options available to you, please contact us for a friendly chat.

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We offer a host of care services, these can include some of the following:

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Personal Care

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Assistance with medication