Our Vision

Our BEliefs

As one of the longest established care providers in Cumbria as well as being family run, we have developed an excellent reputation for providing very high quality care.

We believe that, where possible, an individual should be able to access the care they need in their own home. For those who require care, the comfort drawn from being looked after in familiar surroundings can be immeasurable. Home care also affords a level of independence and personalisation which can’t be matched in a residential setting. Furthermore, domiciliary care is often more cost effective than residential options, which helps to reduce the financial pressure of caring for loved ones.

All Seasons Home Care works on the basis of our organisational vision:

  • To provide the very highest quality of care; providing care that is consistent, compassionate and which inspires the confidence of our clients.
  • To provide a service which is flexible and responsive to the ever-changing requirements of our clients and commissioners.
  • To ensure that the right level of care is accessible to and affordable by those who wish to be cared for in their own home.
  • To provide full time carers with the opportunity to have much needed time out for yourself whilst maintaining the care for your loved one.

Whether you are looking for care for you or a family member, or just enquiring about options available to you, please contact us for a friendly chat.