Statement of Purpose

Our agenda here at All Seasons

At All Seasons Home Care, we believe in delivering quality care aimed at maximising comfort and quality of life for the client, whilst promoting independence, peace of mind and reliability for the family.

High on our agenda is the quality of service we are able to offer. In particular, we aim to offer a service that looks holistically at the needs of the client. This involves promoting choice, control and independence whilst being sensitive to the health and safety of those around us.

We are able to assist our clients assess their choices. We offer a flexible approach to all round care whilst promoting the privacy, dignity, confidentiality and overall respect of those we work with. Our aim is to provide a personal approach when assisting our clients in their choice of care as far as is practicable. This will involve clarity in the services they will be provided with and how that role will be implemented by our staff.

All Seasosn Home Care will offer quality care in the least intrusive way in order to maximise client satisfaction. The experience and knowledge we ofer will enable us to give practical support to you and your family whilst taking into consideration your individual needs. At All Seasons Home Care your satisfaction is our aim regardless of gender, religious affiliation, race or linguistic diversity and we strive to treat every client with the respect and reverence that we ourselves would wish to receive.

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